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Pay it Forward.

As we celebrate 145 years of brotherhood, help us ensure the next century is as good as the last. Here's to Phi Sig.

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Leadership Committed to the next generation of men.

David Turner

Stetson University, '89

I support Phi Sig because I want the Fraternity to continue to grow and thrive. I give of my time to help today’s undergrads become the leaders of tomorrow.

Mark Decker

University of Southern California, '85

I give back to Phi Sigma Kappa because I appreciate all it has done for me and continues to do for our next generation of young men. Leadership opportunities, scholarships, and professional development all help to make a Phi Sig prepared for life after graduation.

Jonathan Coleman

University of Cincinnati, '17

I’ve forged friendships through the process of establishing a new chapter at the University of Cincinnati. I continue to support Phi Sig nationally after graduation because the feelings of brotherhood and family that are so essential to carry with you in life. Phi Sig fosters this feeling on college campuses across the nation and I want to see this Brotherhood continue to teach our principles.

Nic Laconico

Georgia Institute of Technology, '17

The Fraternity has poured so much into my personal development that has made me the man I am today; I'm incredibly thankful for those opportunities. The mentorship, professional development, leadership opportunities, and friendship I have gained since my initiation is immeasurable. I give back because I want every one of our undergraduate members,current and future, to have the same or better experience than my own.
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